Membership F.A.Q.

Q: Who can join the Central Wisconsin Metal Manufacturers Alliance?SubArc-Mid-Shot-Pic-1_WEB

A: CWIMMA is open to any metal manufacturing / machining related company generally located in Central Wisconsin. We do not have any specific geographic requirements for our member companies.  We also have Associate Memberships available for companies who do not directly perform welding and machining but wish to support CWIMMA (see next question)


Q: Can companies who may not directly perform metal related manufacturing join CWIMMA (i.e. welding supply distributors, tool distributors, banks, etc)?

A: Yes.  Companies who do not directly perform welding and machining as a primary part of their business can join CWIMMA as “Associate Members”.  Associate Membership requests need to be reviewed by the CWIMMA Steering Committee to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and to monitor the overall ratio of Members to Associate Members in our alliance.  Assuming there are no concerns, the Steering Committe will approve the Associate Membership request.  Associate Memberships are $1500 per calendar year.  Associate Members will have the option of participating in CWIMMA Task Forces but Associate Members will not be permitted to sit on the CWIMMA Steering Committe nor vote on CWIMMA related matters.SPVG_Carrers1


Q: What are the benefits of joining CWIMMA?

A: Companies in the metal manufacturing and machining fields will realize the following benefits of joining our alliance:

  • Help ensure future ability to grow your company by drawing attention to the current skills shortage and actively participating in filling the pipeline with necessary skilled workers.
  • Increased networking with companies in similar fields likely facing similar challenges.
  • Improved community presence and advertising to workers who possess the skills you need in your business.
  • Increased opportunities to communicate to educational institutions about the real world skill needs for your business.


Q: What is expected of CWIMMA member companies?3 (1)

A: The success of our alliance is directly proportionate to the level of effort our members put into the organization. Typical activities include:

  • Facility tours for people interested in a career in advanced metal manufacturing (including our very popular “Heavy Metal Tour” held annually for regional 8th grade students).
  • Attend CWIMMA general membership meetings (2-3 times annually).
  • A few member companies have individuals that sit on the steering committee for our alliance (monthly meeting in Wausau, WI).
  • Consider providing scholarship funds to students in metal related technical school programs.
  • Make contact with local high schools and technical schools to promote educational infrastructure in related technical areas.
  • Participate or provide information in support of surveys and other data collection initiatives needed to quantify the current skills shortage as it relates to obtaining grants and other funds to support technical education.


Q: Are there any membership dues?

A: In order to ensure that we have funds available to continue to promote the welding and machining trades in our region, CWIMMA has recently implemented a dues structure for our members.  For regular members (those companies directly performing welding, machining and metal processes as a core part of their business) annual membership dues depend on the number of employees at your company.  1 to 250 employees: $500/yr, 251 to 500 employees: $750/yr and 501+ employees: $1000/yr.

Associate Member dues are $1500 per calendar year regardless of company size.



Q: How do I join?

A: Fill out the form from below for the type of membership (regular or associate) appropriate for your organization and it to the address on the form.  As soon as your form is completed, returned, and your dues are received, you will be added to the CWIMMA Membership Listing.

Regular Membership for those companies directly performing welding, machining and metal processes as a core part of their business.
CWIMMA Membership Form (PDF)

Associate Membership for those companies that are NOT directly performing welding, machining and metal processes as a core part of their business.
CWIMMA Associate Membership Form (PDF)