Step 4: Electives

Choose your electives wisely.


When you have the opportunity to take different elective classes, chose those with a mechanical, technical and math slant over other electives. Ideally (if you are in or will be going into high school), your high school will offer welding and machining classes. These should obviously be at the top of your elective choices if you are considering a career in this field. If your high school does not offer welding and/or machining classes, please contact CWIMMA and let us know. We work with many high schools and we may be willing to donate equipment or find other ways of providing better training opportunities for your school. Like nearly all facets of modern life, welding and machining are heavily dependent on computers. Most modern machining centers are CNC. Welders are computerized. Robotic welding relies heavily on skilled programmers with strong welding knowledge. Classes in geometry, Computer Aided Design (CAD), computer programming, science, physics and even wood shop are other good examples of electives that will help build the skills you will need for your career.