Step 3: The Basics Matter

Pay attention in school – the basics matter.


Plain and simple – careers in advanced metal manufacturing rely heavily on math and reading skills. On a daily basis, most jobs in advanced metal manufacturing will regularly require individuals to be able to quickly perform basic math calculations and, just as frequently, use some geometry skills to determine lay-outs and complete similar portions of their job. While a machinist may never need to apply calculus, being able to effectively use basic math, geometry and some algebra are important. Having a solid ability to work with fractions and knowing how to calculate the sides of a right triangle or the circumference of a circle are some examples of everyday skills for Welders, Machinists and Fabricators.

Also, don’t underestimate the importance of reading skills. Given the technical nature of advanced metal manufacturing, there is a lot of technical detail communicated on blue prints, equipment operating manuals, standard operating procedures, etc and being able to quickly and accurately read and absorb this information is vitally important.