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Careers in welding, machining and other facets of advanced metal manufacturing require people with specialized skills. These skills can be learned in a variety of ways but formal education and training at a technical college is typically the best path for student seeking future career opportunities in this field.

Listed on this page are the 5 basic steps that CWIMMA would recommend for younger students who are thinking about getting into a career in advanced
metal manufacturing.

Students who complete these 5 Steps will be well-positioned to startUntitled-1 their career in advanced metal manufacturing. The exciting part is that the learning doesn’t stop after you start your career. Along with the satisfaction of manufacturing products, Welders and Machinists frequently say they enjoy that their career allows them to keep learning and tackling similar but new challenges every day.

Are you in middle or high school and want to learn more about advanced metal manufacturing careers?

Technical College or “4 Year” University – which is right for you? Watch this video to learn some interesting facts about the real world income potential that a degree or diploma from a Technical College can provide.

Success in the New Economy on Vimeo

Interested in a scholarship?

Many CWIMMA member companies offer scholarship to students who are or will be attending technical colleges for training in welding, machining or related technical trades. If you are interested in researching the possibility of getting a scholarship toward your educational costs, please contact CWIMMA (email below) and we will see if we can align you with one of our member’s scholarship offerings.

Many CWIMMA members also offer part-time employment and flexible work schedules to students actively enrolled in technical training programs. Contact us to today to see if there is a CWIMMA member in your area that may be able to accommodate you.

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