"Dedicated to Promoting Educational and Career Opportunities in the Welding, Fabricating and Machining Trades"

About Us

Our members serve a wide variety of industries including contract machining, component fabrication, industrial air moving equipment, pressure vessel/tank manufacturing, cylinder fabrication, tube bending and others. CWIMMA is closely supported by the North Central Workforce Development Board, Centergy, Mid-State Technical College, Northcentral Technical College, chambers of commerce, as well as other educational institutions and economic development entities. With this support we are confident that our efforts will provide a plethora of career opportunities and macro-economic growth throughout our region

The Impacts of Manufacturing

CWIMMA has been working diligently over the last five years to help metal manufacturing grow and succeed in Central Wisconsin. Moving forward, CWIMMA plans on forming effective relationships with educators to ensure there is adequate education opportunities, engage with elected officials to seek grants and funds to help enhance educational effectiveness, and  to also be open and inviting to students, prospective employees and other community members seeking to learn more about advanced manufacturing careers.


CWIMMA is open to any metal manufacturing / machining related company generally located in Central Wisconsin. We do not have any specific geographic requirements for our member companies.  We also have Associate Memberships available for companies who do not directly perform welding and machining but wish to support CWIMMA . The success of our alliance is directly proportionate to the level of effort our members put into the organization.


Careers in Advanced Metal Manufacturing have many benefits:

  • Current and projected high demand for people with these skills in both rural and urban areas.
  • Solid wages and compensation packages
  • Ability for students to enter the job market sooner while avoiding high educational cost of a 4 year university
  • Significant opportunities for career advancement
  • Frequently employers offer multiple shift options, many with 3 or even 4 days off per week!

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